Nordic International Services, LLC

58 Whitehouse Circle P.O. Box 1630
Campton, New Hampshire 03223




Not just service;
Around the clock service...

NIS provides a full compliment of import/export freight forwarding services for air, ocean, and intermodal modes of transit. NIS has been found qualified by the Federal Maritime Commission to be licensed for operation as a freight forwarder/ocean transportation intermediary and shall operate as same.

NIS works with a set of overseas agents. All of these were chosen against a proven record of performance. This performance was experienced first-hand in the course of previous business dealings.

Consult with us;
Problem solved...

NIS provides strategic and tactical advisory services to clients engaged in preemptive and existing trouble-shooting. Consulting of this sort necessarily encompasses a broad range of issues and situations; from faculty and equipment requirements to proper establishment of terms-of-trade; from cost/benefit analysis to contractual issues; from preliminary market penetration to foreign domain conflict resolution.

Financial services;
Make the most of your money...

NIS offers a wide range of options for getting the best value for your efforts in given markets. Through examination of both existing expenditures against utilities received and options available, stream-lining opportunities are often discovered. We can help you to significantly reduce your cost of funds, resulting in higher efficiency, less waste, and recovery of otherwise foregone opportunities.

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